Evil Lurks

Session 1
  • Characters found a man whose wife had been kidnapped by goblins, along with a shipment of goods (flat-pack furniture, specifically).
  • Went to the goblins’ lair, killed them all (at once. Thanks, Duncan), and rescued the man’s wife.
  • There were ghouls in the goblins lair. Headed south to follow the trail of the ghouls and figure out who taught the goblins to make ghouls
  • Also have a pet drake
Session 2
  • The characters continued to head north towards the apparent source of the ghouls. Encountered some fell beasts and some ghouls on the way. Fell beasts must have come through a dimensional rift, and also probably brought some extraplanar beasties with them
  • Encountered a githyanki who had been pulled through a planar portal, probably either by the fell beasts or by the thing that brought the fell beasts here
  • Chased a ghoul to a cave in a cliff, where there was a hallway lined with cells on each side (each containing ghouls, and on the end a ghoul munching on a wizard

will pick up next session with battle against ghoul


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